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How it happened was born out of frustration. Married couple Kerrie and Paudie were looking for land to lease for their flock of sheep. Following up on printed adverts, phoning auctioneers and exhaustive searches online were proving fruitless for them. Often land advertised in newspapers was already let, when they rang. This prompted them to ask, was the land rented while the publication was being printed? Many auctioneers they spoke to were extremely helpful, but some did not even return their calls. Auctioneers earn much less commission for renting land than they do for selling it. So, understandably some did not have the time to field lots of calls about land rentals. Online it was downright annoying having to scroll through listings for shop and office rentals whenever they searched for land for lease. Some websites only allowed auctioneers to post listings. What about dealing with the landowner directly? Other websites did not differentiate between tillage or grazing land or between counties. Why read about grazing in Donegal when you are looking for tillage in Waterford? One Sunday over lunch, Paudie casually suggested that there should be a website specialising in land lettings. Kerrie seized the idea and put it into motion.

Who we are:

Born and raised in South Dublin, Kerrie O’Connor worked in Sales, Marketing and Event Management for many years. She travelled the length and breadth of Ireland with work, so she knows her homeland better than many Dubs! In 2005 her love of rural Ireland, brought her to Tipperary, where she has been ever since. She loves animals, owning a horse, cats, dogs and lots of sheep, and she even studied bee-keeping in 2014. Kerrie is currently completing her Green Cert with Teagasc. Her father is a vet and well-known cattle dealer, who had rented farms and sheds for years. So, whether you it’s grazing, animal housing or simply a place to keep beehives, Kerrie understands your needs.
Paudie Kennedy is a trained carpenter from farming stock in Annascaul, Co. Kerry – the birthplace of Antarctic explorer Tom Crean. Recession forced Paudie to emigrate and to work around the world for many years. He worked extremely hard and invested in rental properties here in Ireland, meeting many auctioneers and tenants along the way. When the next recession hit in 2010, instead of emigrating again, Paudie returned to farming. He fully understands the pitfalls of grazing livestock, meadowing and storing hay and silage. Paudie believes that farming has become overly complicated. He sees as a way of simplifying some aspects of farming for everybody involved – landowner, tenant and even auctioneer.