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Until Sold

  • 30 Day Listing
  • Property for Rent Only
  • Phone & Email Enquiries
  • 4 Uploads of images or maps

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Land for Sale, Entitlements
for Sale/Lease


Until Sold

  • 60 Day Listing
  • Farm buildings, land & entitlements for sale
  • Phone & Email Enquiries
  • 4 uploads of images & maps

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No Hunting/Preserved


Until Sold

  • 9 Month Listing
  • Notice only
  • No phone or email advertised
  • 4 uploads of images & maps optional

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Lands and Yards F.A.Q.

Commonly Asked Questions

It depends on what type of advert you choose. If you want to advertise that your lands are preserved and you place your ad in the Preserved/Closed Lands section, then your ad will be displayed for 9 months. If you want to advertise that you have after-grass for rent or that you want to rent land for grazing, then your ad in the For Rent section will be displayed for 30 days.

Yes. As a registered user, you can save your ad on your Dashboard and reactivate the ad by paying for the listing again when the initial time runs out.

Photos of properties should be landscape and dimensions should be in a ratio of 4:3. This is a standard ratio and digital cameras and camera phones automatically take photos with this ratio so no editing of the image ratio is required.

No. It is free to register as a User. The only cost is the cost of placing an ad.